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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 14, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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your way next. >> eric: hello, everybody. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling alongside andrea tantaros, bob becket, dana perino and greg gutfeld. "the five" starts right now. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: so he did go there. president obama scared grandparents across the nation when he told them they might not get their social security checks next month michigan friend rush limbaugh said the president was up to funny business. take a look. >> if i didn't know better i'd say the white house gave scott pelling a script. this is an outrage here. this is not true. this is, my god it's the playbook. hold senior citizens and military personnel hostage.
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not just social security checks. it's veterans checks. it's right out of the playbook. >> eric: obama should have known the seniors could won't to get their money even if the debt talks break down, unless you turn to put a green energy project in front of the america senior citizens in the who gets paid line. by the way, mr. obama failed to point out that the social security trust fund as $2.6 trillion fund ready for grandma and grandpa. bob, what is with the fear-mongerrer in chief? >> what he is saying, i know it's a shock to you, what he is saying the republicans with the inability to understand history or the importance of the country are willing to put us through because of their silly position on taxes. they won't get social security checks. they won't be veterans benefits. the fact is if you let the -- >> eric: that's not a fact. they would get social security checks. >> eric: why do you say
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that? there are $2.6 trillion in the trust fund. why wouldn't you. >> that's money we paid the trust fund. >> eric: so we borrowed it so it's not there? >> i seen this before. it helps to sell macs. i don't know if you remember the magazine from the '70s. famous. do you have it? c'mon. there you go. this is obama's strategy. if you don't raise the debt ceiling we'll kill the granny. same with the dog. >> same medicare. women won't be i believe to get abortions, no no. obama care they did the same thing. halloween up on the hill. >> fear-mongering, i'm sure president bush never fear-mongered like this. >> he didn't threaten -- [ laughter ]
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>> c'mon! >> he didn't threaten not to pay social security. i think what is interesting is that debate moved beyond. you have the fact that the house cannot pass the tax increases. they coulded under the pelosi house either. it's ridiculous to say the republicans want to starve government. we have a representative government for a reason. people say we want the spending cuts, not just raise debt limit. a development yesterday where senator mitch mcconnell put forward a creative plan, i think will probably be rejected by the house. at least initially. not good enough for conservatives. >> they're not conservatives. they're right wingers. george bush didn't scare seniors. he said if we don't go into iraq we'll be subject to weapons of mass destruction. which we still haven't found. >> that is so ridiculous. >> no, it's not. >> yes it is. >> why? >> i had it with the liberals who brick that up all the time. it's a baloney.
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>> go, dana. >> everybody has the same information. one of your favorite liberals, john kerry, they all voted for it. secretary clinton when she was a senator. why don't we take iraq and wmd off the table. >> whether they did or didn't, a lot has changed. i don't remember any terrorist attacks on american soil after that period of time. >> we should use this as leverage the social security debate. >> let's do this. dana pointed out something important. minority leader mitch mcconnell floated an idea and called at it backup plan in case the debt talks break down. the republicans give mr. obama authority the raise the debt ceiling $2.5 trillion in three tranches if he just go ahead and promises to cut spending. by the way, he is not allowed to cross his fingers when he promises. >> it's risky politics. what he is hoping is that he can put the onus on president
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obama and the republicans can blame president obama if he raises the debt ceiling on his own. as policy it stinks. pat toomey came on fox news earlier and said we have an opportunity. the only thing we're talking about slinking government is because of the right wingers. it's important. we have to do it now. i think republicans should stand firm. and really box the president on policy. >> you don't shrink the size of federal budget deficit with a threat of doing away the good faith and credit of the united states government. it's so irresponsible. >> it will get raised no matter what. >> ready to upchuck. it's so idiotic they can't figure it out. >> was obama idiotic when he said he'd vote to raise the debt limit? >> yes, yes. >> okay. >> i know it was a bad idea when harry reid is for it. like your wife's divorce attorney saying it's a great
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is thalment. >> don't you think mitch mcconnell, who is a serious guy. at least the adults in the republican party say we can't let it happen in the meantime. >> i'm so sick and tired of the adult-child metaphor. obama is the adult in the room. anybody who agrees with obama is the adult. anybody who disagrees with him is a child. used to be you were a racist, now you're a child. >> now if you are a tea party, i'll give you a rattle. >> the tea party is responsible for house going republican in 2010. they promised not to raise the debt ceiling. is mitch mcconnell, the established republican throwing the tea party or the ultra fiscal conservatives under the bus? >> no, i don't think so. i respect for senator mcconnell. to not be such a partisan issue. i don't know a single republican who says we should just go ahead and not raise the debt limit.
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people are trying to come to the table saying we have plans to cut spending do you want to raise taxes? we're not for that. >> 80 to 100 republicans say they would vote for raising the debt ceiling, which i don't agree but is there has to be cuts attached to it. >> there is a chance if a poll is finished and i know a good deal about it they put before the american people the four options, the $4.2 trillion option including raising the taxes on upper income people, obama and boehner proposed. the middle level one and not having debt increase. the upper level one, the $4.2 trillion including tax increases was overwhelmingly supported by the democrats, independents and republicans. >> not fiscally conservative republicans. >> we got all republicans. >> the tea party is responsible for bringing a lot of people, a lot of republicans to the house. >> yes. >> boehner, boehner would not be in charge if it wasn't for
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the tea party. they were the, they are the reason why everybody is talking about this. you can't disown them. mcconnell blinked. sad. like trying to negotiate for a used car. >> look at it a different way that senator mcconnell will put the onus on president obama saying first, up to three times before the re-election. >> tough politics for obama to do it. but give the tea party. this they brought it to the table. i don't disagree with that. they organize well. but i tell you in the end they represent a small minority of this country. >> have you looked at the polls? >> have i'm fiscally conservative. that's why i support the tea party. >> they are made up of people never in politics before. these are people that have, you know, have had regular jobs, own their small businesses and the first time they became politically active. like i say, they don't throw chairs through windows because they own the chairs and they
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own the windows. first time they're in the political arena. >> good job of organizing themselves and inordinate impact on the republican caucus and primary. that's why they're important. but percentage of the country they're a minority. >> i do polling for a living an you know the majority of americans want government to shrink. it's not democrat or republican issue. >> ask gallup, the percentage of the tea party negatives from 57-58%. >> it's mcconnell giving the fault to obama. if you toss in a football game you receive, you don't kick. coming up on "the five," online gamblers. listen up, you might play in public if one congressman has his way. progressive 101. tree hugging. berkeley, california, is living up to the lefty roots when "the five" returns
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now for something we all agree on: america needs to get the financial house in order but we disagree on how to make it happen. some want to cut spending and others want to raise sales taxes. a congressman from colorado has an idea. democratic representative jerry pollis proposes a plan in today's "wall street journal" to legalize marijuana and internet gambling to raise revenue for the government. he says as long as people are smoking and gambling, shouldn't they raise taxes on it? before we started you said i get the fun started. why do you think it's fun? a >> a clear answer, you have to legalize everything. we're all doesn'ts here. i'm a -- we're all adults here. libertarian here.
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pay for your drugs, they get taxed. i think alcohol has done more damage than any drug. every bad decision i made has been prefaced with the last call. >> which has been most of them. >> i regret everything. the problem with pot there is no leader. no nelson mandella. next thing you know you're microwaving a burrito because you're high. they don't have energy. they won't protest. >> you have microwaves early on when people smoke dope. where do they get munchies from? we used to -- never mind. >> started oven fires. >> you don't want to legalize pot but you think coke should be legalized. >> you know i said this many times i'm a recovering addict, cocaine was my drug of choice. marijuana is something that is so widespread it's dangerous
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to leave it out there. it is a drug. i don't care how you cut it. it's a drug. there are 12 to 20 million cocaine and open yacht addicts in the country -- opiats addicts in the country. they will get it one way or another. >> one way they get it is through the medical marijuana clinics. medical marijuana is legal in 15 states. congressman pollis from colorado in his own home state in denver, colorado, there are many medical marijuana dispensaries than starbucks which is like pick your drug of choice. right? >> i been on the subject a long time. one reason i'd like to see the legalization here, it will take money away from the drug lords. >> absolutely. >> former governor gary johnson of new mexico put out a statement before the show started in which he said that border violence would be cut by 75%. i don't know where he gets the
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number. >> legalize everything. legalize online gambling. you're gambling anyway. if you're getting in a car when you're high, that is deadly and you can kill. not going to kill anybody with a full house. >> there are laws against driving under the influence of alcohol. >> you just told us how alcohol is. why would you want to add marijuana to alcohol? >> my choice to be make mistakes there would be laws there that punish people who do drive under the influence of anything. it's my choice as individual to make the choices, whether it's gambling or doing drugs. >> i want to get andrea in on this. congressman says you could get $2.5 billion a year from medical marijuana. poker players that are organized as a group want regulation and online, i guess, government intervention so they can continue to do what they're doing. because we're losing money every day overseas.
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>> absolutely. >> people are going to play anyway do you think we should go ahead and do gambling, but not marijuana? >> here is my issue with all of this. there might be a million reasons we should legalize all of this. however, we shouldn't do this just so the money to raise money and pay the bill. that's the problem. when i think about legalizing marijuana, okay. you know, there is probably another good reason, bob would be more agreeable on "the five" if he were all happy. >> what is that supposed to mean? >> but there is a tradeoff. when you legalize drugs you certainly can, as you said before, bring down the violence. the social problems that go with it. i think they are too numerous. >> i got to tell you, i seen a million bar fights. they're all started by alcohol. i have never seen somebody smoking marijuana and starting a fight. they take naps. >> hit them with bell bottoms. >> throw nachos at you. >> those people who are committing crime have marijuana in their system. >> if you legalize it and take
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it away from them. you said, "medical wana." that is great name for a shop. >> on the gambling thing, keep this in mind. it takes place anyway. we decided to make it illegal. i used to gamble online poker. >> you have done everything. >> i don't know whether it's past the statue of limitations, i hope so. now i go through mexico city. >> tell everyone you go through mexico city. by the way, you know who didn't want to legalize online gambling? casinos. it's competitor for them. guess who? who is the senior senator from nevada? >> senator reed. >> gets a lot of money from casino. >> get control of it. >> there is actually no way -- how do you safeguard. >> you can't. >> kids from playing online poker on the internet or buying marijuana? maybe you don't. >> like everything else, online porn is far more damaging than online gambling. >> well, if that is the case, you shouldn't be sitting here today. >> that's true. you've been at my computer?
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>> that history is really disgusting. >> you make a great point. i have a 12-year-old. i don't want him online gambling. i certainly don't want him walking around a community where there is, i don't know, to go to a coke machine and gate joint machine. >> talk about the clinics, i'm not -- i shouldn't say high on the marijuana idea. but i am, because i lived with these people, i have been one. if they could go to clinics and spend all this money. >> how long before you walk down a bodega and buy a joint. >> who pays for the clinic? >> who pays for clinic? the way you pay for it -- the government has to pay for the clinic. wait a minute. >> we're broke. >> but the cost of incarcerating these people every year is billions of dollars. you can't keep just incarcerating them. >> this is a question. should we make them pay for their own incarceration by taxing them for the product? >> yes. >> you are put people in jail that are nonviolent, the minor infraction, pot heads.
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>> unless they do something else. >> we'll keep it. >> i don't smoke pot. i just feel bad for them. >> ohhh. >> that is a gross mission statement on your part. >> coming up, 25,000 security breaches at the airport since 9/11. that astounding number just released and the government says the number is not that high. but new outrage over pat-downs and other invasive measures involving little kids and grand mothers when "the five" re
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an alarming new report from the government about the number of security breaches at the airport since 9/11. the homeland security department counts 25,000 in the last decade. those are just the ones that we know about. most recently a stun gun was found on a jet blue plane that had already landed in new jersey. the tsa argues the number of preache --number of breaches ary number of the travelers we screen effectively since 9/11. but doesn't it only take one
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for an attack? should the t.s.a. be focusing less on groping little kids and more on doing its job? dana, people are angry at the t.s.a. i mean every time you go through the lines, i'm one of them. i get angry, c'mon, do you really make me take all of this stuff and my shoes off? but you say they are doing a good job. >> i know the t.s.a. is everyone's favorite punching bag. but i can't jump on the bandwagon. they have been asked to do a nearly impossible job. i take aster rorrist getting it right just once. we have to get it right every time. the problem for them and all of us -- i been subjected to the searching and the long lines as well. the problem that there are people in the world, mothers in the world who will strap bombs on their children and put them on planes. that's why we have to have the liquid issue. >> we have seen a lot of it, when janet napolitano says the system works. it wasn't the system. passengers. >> but we're asking them to do a nearly impossible job with millions of people who go
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through airport security every day. i do not want to beat up on the t.s.a. it they are doing a very difficult -- they are doing a difficult job. >> have you noticed to get in the line for security. how many times do you learn take your shoes off, don't wear a jacket. you get people in the line and they stop and take out everything out of their bathroom out. >> forget the belt. >> my solution is they need two lines for the experienced an inexperienced. i would make everybody happier, wouldn't it? >> the inexperienced you want to go up and boom! >> in the meantime, look at something we put together. here is what is going on in the last couple of weeks and months. the new target demo for the t.s.a. look at the video here. in the meantime, nigerian -- look, a 6-year-old little girl patted down. the kid on the left, another kid on his way to disney land. then the 93-year-old grandmother to remove her
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adult deeper to be checked. why are they targeting people like this instead of 19-year-old nigeria. >> had to remove her wig. >> i remember being white house press secretary, a die that there was extreme violence in iraq in a market. they had drugged two women that had down syndrome, 14 years old and strapped moms to them and they went in a market and killed 73 people. that is a problem. you don't know who does and who doesn't. >> i agree with dana about this. 5.5 billion. at least 25,000 they talk about, people in the restricted areas that say hi and grandma and grandpa. very few of these things have been serious, any as far as i know except for the t.s.a., the jet blue fight. but at some point 9/11 will be something that is in our memory for a long time, it's now a decade later. we have gone through to the point where security, not just on airplanes, but i live in washington, d.c., they close down national mall to look
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like an army headquarters. at some point we have to move on and ask a hard question. what things really bring us security? what things are going overboard? if they 5 or 6-year-old kid had on muslim garb, they'd stop him. >> why aren't we profiling? >> we should be. we should be behaviorally profiling. not racially but anything other than behavior. you buy one-way tickets, you original in one place, stopping and going to another place there are ways -- el al if not the most safest airline profiles. >> i associate with my friend juan williams who says he get answer plane and there are people wearing muslim garb, do i get nervous? yes. juan got fired from that. i hope i won't be fired from here. i'm not sure the vote would pass this five. but assume for a moment it would. you know you will profile muslims. that's what you are talking about. >> i said behavioral.
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>> but behavioral will be mostly people wearing the muslim garb. >> i think the other thing that the t.s.a. screens for, not just bombs, it's drugs. there are a lot of. >> absolutely. >> there are people who will ask their elderly relatives to carry stuff for them. [ overtalk ] >> don't you get excited when. >> i still owe my mom an apology for that. sorry, mom. somebody could make a lot of money, billions of dollars if they create airport approved belt. something that. >> true. >> you don't have to take it off. to make life easier. >> i love to wear my high heeled boots. >> so do i. >> i know. you look as good in them. but you have to think about it, you want to wear slip-on shoes i'm not an experienced traveler. i'm not one waiting. i have to say. >> i so much metal in me from the operations, i have to carry a card to get through the metal detector. now i automatically get forced in the things that goes.
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>> i am glad you brought that up. why not have a list of passengers pre-approved who have gone through. >> they tried that. i don't think enough passengers have taken advantage of it. >> you might make it. forget the rest of you. >> how about scanners? pay up. pony up the money, for the scanner that can see everything you're carrying. >> don't you think it's intrusive? >> is it but i like it better than blowing up in a building some day. >> first, imagine a full scan of you. but it's -- seriously, don't you think it's get toog much? >> of course. i don't think it's that big of a deal. when you walk through, you are not looking at your body. it's somebody nellis a different room. they don't see your face. i'm for the technology. >> greg is for the screen shot. >> i'm amazed at the restraint that t.s.a. has in not telling the shots to tmz or whatever. >> did you see when fergie
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went through? did you see the officers behind her screen shot? >> i would do the same thing. we need to privatize it. >> actually, you do. >> high five on that one. >> privatize what? >> t.s.a. >> security. >> we did that before. that's what happened. >> recent report $8 billion since 9/11 we spent on the scanners. obama's budget for 2011, $8.1 billion. >> but there has not been a plane brought down in the entire period. >> it's not fair to say that the t.s.a. employees want to touch someone's junk. they have been given a tough job. they are for our security. they deserve our support. they also deserve better leadership. >> they were patting down two 6-year-olds. >> i'm just saying it's. >> they're scared. >> no one gets fired from the t.s.a. when is the last time you heard someone getting fired? >> what did they expect to find on the 6-year-old? >> i don't know but there are mothers who will do it.
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>> all right. >> pick this up another time. >> that's why greg brings his mother with him on his flights. so he can hide. >> coming up on "the five." business is not exactly booming in berkeley, california. are people standing up for rights to sit down affecting local commerce and safety? later, we're talking on the 2012 election. fundraising frenzy already underway. all that and more when "the five" returns. @@
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york. ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." the summer has turned to winter of hobos. i'm talking about berkeley. they are discussing a sit-lie,
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to ban sit and lying on concrete in work hours and it was based on a similar law in san francisco, but the word got out, and the protests erupted and everyone ran scared. so the ordinance would have cleared the street of dirt bag like me who clog sidewalks with aggressive panhandling but now since the protests scared off the opponents fearful students flock to places rather than risk being assaulted by meth heads. here is what happens tolerance over safety. the end result is filth and lawlessness. the rest of us flee. survey of 1800 students found half avoid downtown berkeley because it's dirty and dangerous. women are especially fearful because perhaps some creepy dudes want more than change like bob. shouldn't it bug the left that the progressive people on the planet are willing to sacrifice safety of the female student for the safe place of their poetry reading? probably not. they'd rather put coed at risk. as another progressive utopia is realized, thank the summer
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of love condemning order that leave you with a filthy town and no one to clean it. bob, you live on the street. >> bob: yes, i do. >> greg: should there be a ban on sitting or lying on sidewalks? >> bob: i don't. i was at the summer of love. >> greg: you started it. >> bob: i didn't. it went to visit, pocket full of money and other things and i still remained celibate. which is to say i didn't -- >> greg: i want to know your entire life. >> bob: a lot of the stores sell stuff that the people don't want to buy. >> greg: true. >> bob: you shouldn't throw the homeless out. if you dress them up in the stuff they are selling, bell bottoms and tie-die, put them in the doorway, free security guards. and the idea that somehow homeless people are going to scare people away, you know, you're right about the meth addicts but they don't hang out on the street. >> dana: i disagree. i have a chance to go to san
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francisco quite a bit. recently in the last year i had to give a speech and leave my hotel early in the morning like 6:45 at the morning. as i was walking to my hotel i was shock how many homeless there were. it felt terrible for them. but i was surprised how young they were. how aggressive and i felt nervous. the next time i went there i stayed by the hotel by the airport. >> greg: that is the people i'm talking about. >> bob: i got in at 6:45 in the morning and i saw the same crowd. >> greg: the weather is great and a lot of the young people just migrate to areas, they don't need a place to sleep, they hang out and play hackie sack and score drugs. >> hackie sack? 1980s. >> eric: the business owners are like please, we're trying to do business here. but, of course, berkeley says no. we have to make sure everyone feels good. politically correct. make sure they have -- >> bob: i thought they passed a law. >> greg: the funny thing about it, andrea, they were just discussing it. they were discussing the idea. not trying to pass anything and they got protesters so
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there is no hope for the city. >> andrea: bye, bye, to beckel's berkeley. >> bob: for people in our business wouldn't you love for people to talk to you and not talk back to you? you could talk to any hobo on the street and they would listen for hours. >> andrea: you'd rather talk to hobos? >> bob: they're complaining because they sell lousy stuff. how many sell the jerry garcia t-shirt? >> the far left waiters, all they want to do is go shop. >> dana: how disappointed their parents must be. they've raised people that are capitalists. >> greg: a couple of years ago there were street people in berkeley living in trees because they protested a new gym. the problem was people don't have a problem with the homeless, the young homeless. they have a problem with what they leave. as human beings, you tend to leave things. certain things that are created by you. this is a problem. the problem w the streets
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isn't just the people. it's the waste. >> bob: can i ask you a serious question? we're quick here to say you shouldn't be able to lie down and sleep you're homeless what do you do with the 6 to 10 million homeless people of the country? most of whom are families. the average homeless person stays homeless six months a year. i want to know what all you conservatives say -- >> eric: you know what we'll do? you can elect a fiscal conservatives, to take care of 5 or 6 million people out of work to get a lot of them off the street. the reason dana saw so many young people, because they're out of work at an alarming rate also. >> dana: i actually think as -- i'm not an expert but there is a ton of mental illness. a lot of drug use there are a lot of faith-based organizations that are helping but cities have a responsibility to do something about it. the home city of washington, d.c., you can't commit somebody to go into a shelter. you can't make them go.
2:41 am
>> bob: they adopt it on the street and people with the mental problems -- look in our home city, washington, d.c., the biggest homeless shelter is about to be closed. why? someone wants to build a trade association building. >> andrea: give credit to the homeless people in my neighborhood. they are so nice and so respectful. they're not wasteful. i know you are talking about san francisco but the ones in my neighborhood, i always give them a little -- >> bob: because they scrape your wind shield and don't have ask you for money. >> andrea: i don't have a windshield. i dent have a car. >> dana: one thing that interested me initially in president bush when - governor the compassionate conservative stance. we need to think about this. i don't think it necessarily has to be done on the federal level but state and city should take more -- more -- >> bob: is there tradition of the huffington post? i know there are homeless people in san francisco that use it to sleep with. >> andrea: or wipe other things. >> bob: curious about that. took shot at the huffington post if you miss that. >> greg: when you were a
2:42 am
kid, it was cool to dress up as a hobo for halloween. you don't do that anymore do you? it used to be fun. >> dana: i went as big bird. >> eric: why are you taking a shot at huffington post? isn't that your left wing -- >> bob: i love them but i didn't like a couple of comments. >> greg: coming up on "the five." obama's big bucks. the commander in chief is building a war chest of cash. what impact will it have on the 2012 race? later, he said. i'll be back. dang it. he meant it. you won't believe the big plans that governator has up his sleeves. that and more coming up on "the five."
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>> bob: welcome back to "the five." in the early stages of presidential politics the strength of a candidate is how
2:46 am
much money they can raise early on. the numbers are almost complete and the totals tell the story. president obama and the democratic national committee he controls have raised $86 million, while all the g.o.p. candidates combined raised a paltry $35 million. with only michele bachmann not yet reporting. republicans have been crying all year that their candidates will raise lots of money against a weakened president, especially since corporation and hedge funds who gave to obama in 2008 switched support to g.o.p. no big surprise there, since republicans now support corporate welfare for big oil, tax rate for hedge fund operators to make them pay less for the housekeeping staff and continue to resist raising taxes on billionaires. with all of that going on for the republican pathial wannabes, why can't they show us the money? dana? >> dana: first of all, it doesn't include the rnc total. you said it correctly this number is not just the presidential politic beings but for the national committee combined. wetch don't have the rnc numbers.
2:47 am
they're less than they should be the republicans have a long way the go, but i would say on snarl side if the election were held today the republicans would win back the senate. they are up 43% than they were before. when it comes to president obama, one thing i talk about is the donors they have. only 73% that gave to him in 2008 gave to him again. >> bob: your guy bush raised as much than all the rest of the republicans combined. this has to say something about these people. people are not excited about it. >> dana: it's not unusual for the incumbent to be this far ahey. >> bob: this was bush's first term. daps i'm not surprised that president obama did well. the hedge fund guys you are talking about hedging. >> bob: that is good. but you are turning the story. let's get back to the story. >> greg: the real story is that president obama is amazing campaigner and he campaigns all the time. that's why he has the money.
2:48 am
that's all he is doing. >> andrea: if you compare the fundraisers he did with president bush, i doesn't compare. all he has been doing is fundraising. look, i agree. it's still so early. the g.o.p. field, it's split. how many names are on it? >> eric: your $35 million number where did you get it? >> bob: the $35 million, total what they reported so far. >> eric: did you include the rnc? >> bob: no. >> eric: did you include groups like crossroad gps? american crossroads who combine the two groups alone have $35 million. exclusively to g.o.p. >> bob: let me explain something to you. i can't tell you about oil funds that you know but i can tell you about campaigning. that is money they can't control. the rnc is controlled by the presidential candidate. look at the republican -- the latest questio quinnipac poll. romney leads with weak 25%.
2:49 am
bachmann surged up to 14%. palin has fallen down to 12%. perry is at 10%. and the rest are single digits. >> andrea: look how many there are. people are keeping the powder dry. >> greg: my janitor is running. >> bob: the british kept their powder dry too long and they got beat. they're keeping the powder dry because they have no money and they have lousy candidates. >> dana: that is baloney. if president obama wasn't worried about the re-election he wouldn't have held that many re-election. >> eric: who are the idiots raising $86 million for a guy that has given us 9.2% unemployment and $4-gallon gas? four more years of that? >> bob: the idiots are my sister. >> eric: sorry. >> bob: could we raise obama versus the munch kins on the same poll? obama is 47-41 over the status
2:50 am
candidate, romney. not any of the rest of them, the other four can't break. >> it's july 2010. daps can we go back to one thing on the -- >> dana: can we go back to how low tim pawlenty's numbers are. gor pawlenty of minnesota running for president for almost two years now at 3%. >> andrea: not surprising. >> dana: i'm surprised. he has been out on tv a lot, raising money. i know people working on his campaign. >> greg: he has a problem the more you see, the less you like. >> dana: think so? >> greg: when he started to talk about lady gaga, it was hard to watch. >> andrea: the fundraising deadline is friday. that's when the paperwork needs to be filed. i believe after friday the numbers we're talking about will be different. >> bob: trust me, when i tell you, you put your best numbers out early. that's the way it works. michele bachmann could raise more money. tim pawlenty, to get to that point, minnesota candidate needs to do well in iowa.
2:51 am
the worst thing to have for pawlenty is bachmann come in and take off. tim pawlenty will be out of the race if not after the straw poll in ames on the 3rd, by the time the iowa caucus is. >> greg: who would be the v.p. out of the list? >> bob: i'm for bachmann-palin. a great ticket and i'd be happy to contribute to it. look at the new republican ad. >> eric: go for it. >> bob: do we have the republican ad? oscar-winning performance? >> we democrats have a different measure of what constitutes progress in the country. we mention progress by how many people find a job to pay the mortgage. the fundamental for economic strength is whether we live up to the fundamental promise that made the country great. >> bob: there is some new, brand new line. war debt. deficit spending.
2:52 am
>> eric: you brought up the poll and show obama-romney, obama-everybody, but you failed to mention obama against unnamed g.o.p. right now. how does he poll? >> bob: i done polling for 30 years. you put a generic up and it's close. generic is perfect republican candidate and that's an oxymoron. >> eric: he loses to generic. >> andrea: if they get a deal on the debt ceiling it will take off an important issue for the candidates that bob is making fun of in the poll. if they get a deal and he can say he sloping the size of government and goes with the republicans it takes a huge issue. >> bob: romney was governor of massachusetts, they were 49th in jobs created as governor. we have to get out of here. i love this segment, though. can we keep going on? coming up next, we will tell
2:53 am
you why thomas edison is probably rolling in his grave today. the governator is back. back to the movies, that is. arnold schwarzenegger is set to overcome scandal. good luck. by returning to the silver screen. stay with us. "the five" continues.
2:54 am
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2:57 am
getting ready star in a new action thriller called "last stand." the first role since playing a republican governor of california. go ahead, mr. universe. you're better suited for the big screen than the governor's mansion anyway. what do you think of him coming back to the screen? >> andrea: it's appropriate it's called "the last stand." this is his last stand. days of the "kindergarten cop" popularity is over. i hear there is a time slot available at cnn for hosting. >> dana: i think it could have been called "the last one night stand." i wouldn't be surprised if in his future there is a reality show. like steven segal, he is like an emt in the reality tv show? ing may not far from that. partly because maria shriver will take him to the cleaners. >> bob: after several years of steroids, he can't much less of a last stand. >> greg: is there anything you haven't done? >> bob: yes.
2:58 am
get straight "a"s. i do hope this is the last one. he will have his kid, the illegitimate son is costarring. he'll say, "i'll be back." the kid says, "no, you're not." >> eric: i think he will reinvigorate his career. >> andrea: fill in for bob on "the five." >> bob: never mind. >> eric: he would fill in, in this seat, too. >> greg: i just want a sequel to "junior." >> eric: what is the other one? >> greg: "raw deal." >> eric: the other one you love. casin"pumping iron." >> greg: you never saw "pumping iron?" the greatest ever. >> bob: when he can be outdone by anthony weiner on twitter now, i'm telling you what steroids do. long and slow process. >> eric: moving on to the
2:59 am
u.s. women's soccer team as they head to the world cup final on sunday. they beat france 3-1 and will play the winner of the other semi-final match between japan and sweden. go, usa! >> greg: now i can finally sleep at night. fopped farewell. like me, he was small, strong and bright. but unlike me, he is now dead. yes, i speak of thomas edison's loveable little lightbulb, who perished last night at the premature age of 132. the bulb, grew up in melo park, new jersey, served to light up the great country for a century. tuesday he was killed by congress who voted to uphold a law that banned the sale of bulby come january. he was revered as a toaster oven bulb. they request you send flowers to general electric in memory of the great bulb, let us dim the light. that's it for "the five."


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